Sine Qua Non

“Without (something), (something else won’t be possible)”
The first time I had heard this phrase, a boyfriend had said I was his. He said “without you, I wouldn’t be.”

It was the most romantic thing I had ever heard.

What he meant was:

“Without you letting me stay here, I’d have no where to smoke my dope”

“Without you buying me food, I’d starve”

“Without you in my life, I’d find another to use”

“Without you loving me, no one else will.”

Love is blind. You’ll turn your head, close your eyes….and hope.

Hope they get better. Hope they stop using. Hope that one day they will love you more than they love their drugs. Hope that what you do for them doesn’t enable them, but really helps them. Hope that the day you have to leave them, will never come.
Hope has became my Sine Qua Non.

Without hope, I wouldn’t be.

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