Blame. To judge that I have failed with respect to some standard of excellence. Yours and mine. To take this blame insists that I am responsible for my actions in the sense that the action is attributable to me-it represents my evaluative standpoint, my practical identity, what I “stand for”. I'm taking it. All of it. It's my fault. My fault for not being more kind or... Continue Reading →

Don’t Hesitate

A father is supposed to set the stage for his daughter the moment she is born. You set mine when you died. I had called him the day of my high school graduation, after spending years being mad. We hit it off right away and spent every free moment we had together. I started going... Continue Reading →

Losing You

When you came into my life I had my guards up in front of me, but I was open to experience something that made my heart jump. I was confident that I would get love right this time. I was positive that our story was going to be one that was told across the world,... Continue Reading →

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